SALab Workouts

The general purpose for The Student Athlete Lab™ workouts are to prepare our student athletes for the demands of their up coming high school season or prepare them for the collegiate level of basketball.

Our coaching staff works with the athletes to get them in the best shape possible to be competitive at each level of basketball. Whether the student athlete is in the 7th grade or a Senior in High School, we find that they strive to take their game to the next level within The Student Athlete Lab™.  Our main objective is to get them ready and to help them maintain that level of conditioning throughout their season.

To successfully prepare a student athlete, our coaching staff must investigate and appreciate the conditioning demands of basketball.  Each of our coaches brings to the table personal experience playing at the collegiate level and are very familiar with the physical, mental and emotional requirements that it takes to be successful.

Here’s a great question for potential athletes,

  • Does basketball require a great deal of low intensity distance running?
  • Or, is basketball a series of high intensity short sprints that require numerous changes of direction?

Here’s a hint: a basketball court is only approximately 30 yards in length but remember, it’s typically the slower teams that lose.


The focus of great training should be on speed, agility and anaerobic conditioning. The objective is to design a sport specific conditioning program that will successfully prepare each player for the season ahead. Hard work and a great effort are expected of every player as well as their commitment to work on their own each week. Training should be a five day a week effort splitting the time between strength training and conditioning. The focus of our training is on specific conditioning for basketball. Agility, flexibility, strength training and conditioning are all addressed to make a complete program.

We have clinics two days a week and focus on all aspects of getting our athletes stronger.  We believe that strength training should be a part of the athletes regimen three days a week. Circuit training can also be used to help acclimate the players to a high volume of work.  We suggest that our athletes schedule at least two days of Circuit Training and Strength Training into their own time.  Our athletes will learn the benefits of both as well as learn that work and rest times are just as important as physical workouts.

The Student Athlete Lab™ utilized the following types of training:

  • Core Training
  • Abdominal Training
  • Aquatic Training
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle Memory Training

All workouts are preceded by stretching time as well as a warm-up and flexibility session.  The Student Athlete Lab™ also ends each workout with our stretching and flexibility session to cool things down and teach the student athletes how to take care of their muscles.  Our program shows how different modes of training can be integrated to produce improvements in the conditioning levels of basketball players. To handle the stresses and demands of a competitive season we suggest you give The Student Athlete Lab™a try.