Set Up Your Twitter Account

bball-twitterOne question we get asked a lot from our new players and families is “How do I get set up on Twitter?”

So, we’ve compiled this easy to follow step-by-step instruction article to help you get things set up quickly. gets most of it’s information out to our players, families, SAL Coaches, High School and College Coaches as well as Recruiters via Twitter.

We’ve found that it’s a quick and painless way to reach people that want to know what’s going on with

We will post links to updates whenever there is something new posted to our SAL News section as well as update our readers on things like:

  • reminders
  • changes of schedules
  • player opportunities
  • workout and practice info
  • tournament information
  • scores of games
  • where that team plays next
  • when a team has won a championship
  • when a SAL player has a great write up
  • when a SAL player has signed with a college, etc.

It’s a GREAT way to stay on top of things.

So … back to getting the hook up when it comes to Twitter.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button on the page
  3. Enter your Full Name
  4. Choose a User Name
  5. Select a Password
  6. Enter your Email Select
  7. Create My Account
  8. Go to your email and confirm your account via the confirmation email that Twitter sent you .. then return to Twitter to continue with set up.
  9. When you are on the home page of your Twitter account, you will see a search field at the top – type TheSALab in there
  10. Click “TheSALab” and you will get a page that shows our recent Tweets
  11. Click the follow you see in the right hand column
  12. To be sure that you get the Tweets to your phone, be sure that the little cell phone icon is green (it’s located next to the same “Follow” button you selected and is currently white if you haven’t clicked it yet.
  13. Once you click that cell button, it will take you to the mobile section.
  14. Choose your country
  15. Enter your cell phone number
  16. Click Start
  17. Click on Profile to add a little bit of information about yourself, upload a photo, etc. (optional)
  18. Click on Design to pick a look you like if you plan to visit Twitter on the web

That’s it .. you should be set up to follow TheSALab and you will now get text messages whenever something new has been posted to the SAL News section.